APL Jewels Gauge To Be The Hub Of The Jewels Industry


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Gems and jewelry form an integral part of our cultures around the India. APL Jewels holding jeweler significance in a myriad of cultures, precious gold .The global gems and jewelry industry has in the recent past witnessed an upward growth graph with the rising income levels. In our country, ornament purchases during ceremonies are on the rise. In this region, APL Jewels emerging the gold trend to. APL Group move is a result of client’ desire to safeguard themselves with emerging positivism.

APL brand gaze on marketing and advertising campaigns, creating heightened awareness about the organized Gold jewelry market among consumers and also improved the perception of jewelry industry as a luxurious  gift theme stand in India. All of these efforts are compounded APL Groups easy finance schemes being offered to members. APL Group Gold Standard prompted all their clients with  the financial benefits means to indulge in jewelry purchases.

Gems & Jewelry market in India is of above 5 Lacs Cr+ and growing with the rate of 15% per annul. Since, we all Indians are love to have jewelry hence growth in this segment is on higher side comparatively other sectors. Till last few years jewelry segment was operating in organized way and now how Big Brand APL Group of Companies-APL Jewels is entered in this segment.


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